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Regional NSW

We have an outreach service in Forbes NSW for anyone who is struggling with addiction, family violence, managing court appearances, and abuse recovery.  On the ground is Carmen who manages this program supporting people in the country in their recovery. We have a strong focus on utilising cultural knowledge, medical knowledge and human therapeutic support to enable our clients to get well and live better lives.

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Our Regional Service Worker

Carmen lives in the area and has studied and worked in family violence, nursing and medical health areas for the past 15 years. She has lived experience of the issues we support people in. She has been working tirelessly in the region for the past five years supporting those men and women who want to make change to their lives.  If you have a dependency to any drugs or alcohol or other addiction,  or have experienced family violence as a child or adult our outreach program can support you. Carmen does court support, therapeutic work in recovery and provides educational materials as well as access to our workshops and retreats that FIRDA runs in different regions.


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