We mentor Indigenous people free in community


We embed that connectedness in First Nations (our) ways of knowing, being and doing as part of their practice. 


We do 'sacred leadership' work based on  higher levels of thinking to understand a person's way of being. She spent 11 years writing the stories of our Elders and how they grow up young people to be sacred leaders. She has learnt from them to practice this way herself and to share it with younger ones.  She has a postgraduate social work degree and two postgraduate counselling and therapeutic degrees as well as learning her cultural business for 42 years of her life through ceremony and on country being.


We use storytelling, and being present in spirit mind and heart with each person, to share in the healing power of storytelling.  We sustain cultural knowledge through passing it on to younger people through workshops, sharing and caring. We do art and storytelling workshops anyway.



We do professional education for all health, education and social service, public policy practitioners on Aboriginal cultural business to support trauma recovery and recovery services in mental emotional and social health.  We utilise our psychiatrist, psychologists, social workers, school counsellors, teachers, allied health professionals, community development workers, politicians, media and others in increasing their knowledge of engagement and working with our mob.

We design workshops for professionals in trauma informed recovery management, family systems knowledge for dependency, addiction and abuse recovery. For communities we do Healing and Recovery workshops called Discovery & Recovery to understand generational trauma and how to utilise Indigneous and non-Indigenous techniques for healing and recovery. 


FIRDA is made up of CIRCLES that govern our work, plans and management.   These are based on cultural governance structures and in Aboriginal ways of Being Doing and Thinking. 


CIRCLE of ELDERS  From a number of communities who are the visioners of our work.


CIRCLE of PROFESSIONALS Four Indigenous men and women who work together and who have PhDs, Masters and Undergraduate degrees in our fields of social work, community development, health and social sciences, arts and communications, visual arts and Indigenous Studies. We utilise contractors for other services such as psychiatry and psychology.

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS We have a number of partners who provide emotional and monetary support to our work, who do not work for us but think our work is very important.

CIRCLE OF SUPPORT AGENCIES We have a number of partner agencies who are philanthropists or moral supportive agency in human rights, social services etc.

We are members of our State based Councils of Social Services and other relevant agencies. 

CORE CIRCLE   Based in Canberra ACT

National Convenor:  Dr. Tjanara Goreng Goreng PhD,

                                 Wakka Wakka, Wulli Wulli, QLD


Projects Manager:    Vacant - currently seeking suitable candidates


  We are currently in the process of registering as a Charity and NFP under Australian Law.