Women's Biz_Colours of Uluru
Aboriginal Women's Business Retreat ( for All Women) combined with First Nations Spirituality, Culture and Law including a separate Mens Business Circle for men only.  THIS ARE NOT CONFINED TO First Nations PEOPLE - ALL PEOPLE ARE WELCOME TO COME AND LEARN.
Friday June 18 5 pm  - Sunday June 20th  2pm
Tombarra Accomodation Centre on the Mongarlowe River near Braidwood NSW (10mins east)
All information and  Tickets can be purchased at www.humantix.com or contact us on nationalconvenor@firda.online for information

Come and share in our Aboriginal Women’s Business for  All women weekend retreats. You are all are invited and welcome to share and learn.  We will share and care together as women in Australia, a land of ancient knowledge and wisdom.  Women’s business covers everything that women do in life… in taking care of Law, Country, relationships, family, children, story, history and the Tjukurpa. You will learn what is special about Aboriginal women and their business. We share food, create Gathering, Talking and Healing Circles where we will talk, laugh, sing and enjoy ourselves together.  We will create a headband for ceremony, you learn traditional dances, songs and share about life, love and Aboriginal Law, Spirituality and Culture and Inma – ceremony.


First Nations Land and Law Environmental Learning to Live on Country 
Tombarra Braidwood NSW
For all people interested in sustainable land practices in including Martin Royds from Jillamatong and other landholders and farmers doing sustainable and regenerative farming. 

Aboriginal Women's Business Retreat with special Anangu Family guests
Tombarra Braidwood NSW

Other Residential Retreats we do for both Men and Women:

Aboriginal Law & Spirituality
Working with Us Mob
Understanding the Law and Tjukurpa
Story Ground: Writing and Learning about Country, Men and Women's Business
Sustainable Country - for people living on the Land to understand First Nations Law and ways of living with the Land.

Updates will be published here and tix will be available at www.humantix.com